News From Mozambique

From the hearts of the boys who live in our childrens' home in Mozambique, Africa when asked questions by Issa, our Mozambican houseparent (below is Portuguese translation):

  • Juma P-he says he likes very much to receive education here, he feels well and safe to be here because Jesus is with him. And he said he loves all of you and sends greetings to all of you.
  • Helder-he thanks to God who showed him this road and thanks to all who have sacrificed to see him healthy and safe. (He was hit by a car some years ago.)
  • Izaque-he also likes the kind of education here, but in the end he says that the workers are very strict, and he says he has learned a lot, in the center of everything he learned, what he has placed in his heart is Jesus.
  • Peter-he also says that he likes a lot of what has learned; now he is able to help and take care of some things for The Dream Project.
  • Amido - he is very grateful to the Heavenly Father for this place, for the type of education he receives in The Dream Project. He is still doing everything, everything he can to realize his dream to be a Pastor.
  • Njuali-he likes the kind of education here, because learns many things, until the point he can preach in a church!
  • Nelson-he also says that saw and learned a lot, that until now he dreams one day to be a great mechánic. Also he is very grateful that he knows Jesus Christ.
  • Juma G-he says he likes the kind of education here, he sends love to all the people who are fighting to see him better and also thanks very much the Heavenly Father.