the dream project



The Dream Project is a center for vulnerable children.  We support families in our community and have a family-style home for children who have been orphaned or made vulnerable either by poverty, or by the AIDS epidemic in Mozambique, Africa.



Deliver family environments to orphaned, abandoned, and impoverished children.

Restore children holistically, through education, Christian discipleship, and medical care.

Equip children with vocational training and life skills for a chance to become productive members of their society in adulthood.

Activate local adults to participate in helping the children in their communities out of spiritual and physical poverty.  

Mobilize individuals and teams to join The Dream Project on location for short and long-term mission efforts.


Impact the lives of the vulnerable

Financial contributions from supporters like you are the only way that The Dream Project can continue to provide care and support to children who, without it, would not have hope. 

Here's how you can help; view our donation menu.