Host a Fundraising Party

Get your friends and neighbors involved


Hosting a fundraising party, through your neighborhood, church, or friends and colleagues, is a great way to generate support and awareness for The Dream Project. While are there any number of ways to host a fundraising party, we've included some things we think will help make the job a little easier. Below, you'll find PDF documents that you can print off and use for your fundraising event, and if we've missed anything, please feel free to contact us and let us know.


Bank Info Form

Print out this PDF document and allow donors to set up automatic deductions from their bank accounts or credit/debit card.

Donation Menu

Print out this PDF document and have it ready for your guests. This will give them an overview of every need The Dream Project has and how much is needed in monthly support.

Dream Project Info

Print out this PDF document and have it ready for everyone to read. This gives anyone who is is new to The Dream Project, a brief overview of the Who, What and Why.